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Ammonium sulfate ton bag packaging recommendation


The ammonium sulphate ton bag has a distinct advantage over the original 50 kg small package. First of all, the loading and unloading efficiency of the ton bag can be increased from 2,000 tons per day to 5,000 tons, and the labor intensity of the workers is also greatly reduced, and the ship cost can be saved by the customer by 1 to 2 US dollars / ton. Secondly, the bags packed in tons of bags can be reused 6 to 7 times. This alone can save the company a packaging fee of 160 yuan / ton. Ordinary container bag

Ammonium sulphate products are by-products of caprolactam production, and the caprolactam business unit has a large export volume of ammonium sulphate, from 60,000 tons in 2009 to 120,000 tons last year. Its export packaging has been packaged in 50 kg pouches for many years. In the past, each time the ship was loaded at the dock, the bag was first broken, and the ammonium sulfate bulk material was loaded into the shipping cabin. The use of the packaging bag was wasteful.



In response to this, the division decided to transform the small package of ammonium sulphate into a ton of recyclable bags. After the ton bag packaging line was put into use, the business unit became the first in China and the company used ammonium sulphate ton bags. The bottom of the bag is opened, and the ammonium sulfate bulk material can be loaded into the ship and recycled for recycling. According to estimates, according to the monthly export of 10,000 tons, the packaging bag is recycled four times, and the cost per ton is reduced by 57.25 yuan. If the frequency of packaging bags is increased, the space for cost reduction can be expanded. At the same time, the use of tons of bags for transshipment, the port operation efficiency is four times higher than the use of small bag packaging.

In order to verify the feasibility of the ammonium sulphate bag packaging proposal, the Jiangsu branch also went to the terminal to understand the loading and unloading situation of the ton bag. After comparison, it was found that the ton bag packaging is easier to load and unload than the 1.5 ton package. The former can be loaded with 20 tons of short barge transport/ The car, while the latter is equipped with a maximum of 12 tons / car, greatly improving the transportation efficiency, and more favored by customers.


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