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Characteristics of water-based plastic woven bag ink


1. Hue ore ton bag

Comparing the scratch color as a test for the color, gloss, and hiding rate of the ink is a result obtained by comparing the sample with the standard sample by parallel scraping. The shading method can be used to determine the hue, gloss, and hiding rate of the ink from the appearance of the ink, and the uniformity of ink dispersion can be determined. Since the pigment is not interfered by the solvent, the hue of the water-based plastic woven bag ink is brighter than that of the alcohol-soluble woven bag ink, and the color is not easily migrated, which is more conducive to the design and printing of the outer packaging of the product.


The thickness of the water-based plastic woven bag ink means the degree to which the solid powdery substance such as a pigment or a filler mixed in the binder is dispersed. Fineness is also an important quality indicator because it is not only related to the application properties of the ink (including tinting strength, hue, stability, etc.) but also to the rheological properties of the ink.


If the particles are too thick, it will cause defects such as ink build-up and paste, and the tinting strength and hue of the ink will also be poor. If the particles are too fine, the fluidity will be large and will flow after printing. This flow will cause the dots to expand and affect. Print quality. Moreover, it produces a "block" shape, thus greatly reducing the printing effect.

Water-based plastic woven bag inks and alcohol-soluble inks can easily achieve the required fineness of printing during the grinding process, but the water-based one is more conducive to the manufacture of the operator, because there will be no harmful gas overflow during the grinding process. To make manufacturing more convenient and convenient. The alcohol-soluble woven bag ink will have a large amount of organic solvent volatilization during the production process, which causes the production workers to have an unpleasant mood. Therefore, the comparison of fineness is also the embodiment of the entire formula design.


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