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What causes the ton bag to break


In the process of production, there will be a phenomenon of menstruation in the process of production. This is a common phenomenon, so we should try to avoid it. Let us first understand what will lead to menstruation in the future. Attention in production. Container bag manufacturer

1. The ambient temperature is too low. The ambient temperature is too low. Generally, when the temperature is below 5 °C, the flat wire is obviously brittle and the probability of breaking the wire is obviously increased. At temperatures below 10 ° C, brittle fracture may occur. The low ambient humidity is not as sensitive to temperature as the broken wire. Generally, when the relative humidity is below 50%, the broken wire is prone to occur. However, the ambient temperature is low and the relative humidity is small, and it is easy to break the wire.

2. The individual warp strength is low. The reason why the warp strength of the individual paper-plastic woven bags is low may be that the spindles are scratched by the hard surface during the transportation turnover, and the flat fiber structure has large impurities, unmelted masterbatch or crystal dots. In addition to recycled materials, because individual flat wires are too thin or too narrow, they generally do not break.



3, flat hair fluffing. Some of the raised flat yarns begin to twist after being rubbed by various threading holes and brown wire holes in the weaving process, and the wire has been crushed by the shuttle, the friction of the retaining bar, and the broken wire phenomenon frequently occur.

4, bamboo silk and silk. Large bamboo knots and wide flat silk slivers are difficult to break through the brown wire holes. The slub wire itself is not stretched, the strength is low, and the brown silk hole is slightly blocked, that is, the wire may be broken.

The above four conditions will lead to the rupture of the woven bag, so everyone should try to avoid this situation and reduce the situation of menstruation.


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