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How to deal with the aging of tons of bags


How do tons of bags manufacturers deal with the aging of tons of bags? Tons of bags are one of the simple packaging materials commonly used in production, which plays an important role in the safe transportation of materials. So, how should the aging of the ton bag be treated? Ordinary container bag

First of all, to understand the customer's demand for anti-aging bags, ton bags manufacturers should develop technical plans according to the needs of customers, and increase anti-aging additives according to a certain proportion.



Second, plan the production formula. Due to the aging phenomenon of the recycled materials, the mechanical properties of the materials are reduced, and the service life of the tons of bags is drastically shortened. Therefore, the raw materials of the tons of bags manufacturers must use new materials.

Finally, even for second-hand ton bags, a good ton bag contains the base fabric, sling, mouth cloth, sewing thread, these parts must meet the anti-aging needs, once there is a problem, it will affect the safe use.



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