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How to eliminate the charge generated by friction on the ton bag


Everyone knows that the tonnage bag is a relatively large plastic packaging bag. Because of its relatively good quality, it is not a problem if it is not damaged by human beings. So how do we rule out the static electricity on this ton of bags? Ordinary container bag

In the past, we have talked about how the charge on the ton bag is generated. Now that we know how it is produced, we can take corresponding measures to eliminate static electricity.

The general easy-to-conductive ton bag is because there is a conductive wire on it. The shape of this ton bag is the same as that of other ordinary ton bags. This kind of conductive wire is placed at the mouth of the bag, then we will start from here. Looking for a breakthrough point is to pack the conductive wire with a non-conductive insulator to isolate the contact with the outside power, so it is easy to eliminate the root cause of static electricity.

As for how to wrap the conductive wire of the ton bag, as long as you use a non-conducting body that is not easy to scrape, there is no strict standard, but we generally use the method of wrapping the plastic film.


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