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How to reduce the electrostatic hazard


In the production of tons of bag manufacturers, it often encounters the phenomenon of static electricity. Static electricity is extremely harmful to production, so it is important to control static electricity. Below, Xiaobian talks about ways to reduce static electricity. Container bag manufacturer

     First, try to control that no static electricity is generated during production. For example, when the ton bag manufacturer is handling liquid, it should avoid violent shaking, control the loading and unloading mode, prevent oil leakage and mixing, and prevent the steel drum from entering and inhaling.


Secondly, the static electricity that has been generated should be taken to dissipate it as quickly as possible to avoid accumulation. Tons of bag manufacturers can be grounded on tools such as handling, increase plant humidity, lay conductive flooring, and spray conductive paint on tools.

     Finally, if the static voltage rises rapidly, a static spark will also be generated. At this point, measures must be taken to cause it to explode without exploding. It is an effective method to fill the flammable liquid with an inert gas and install an alarm device.


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