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Precautions when using tons of bags


Tons of bags are widely used because of their high toughness, convenient use, convenient transportation, low price and high safety of packaged articles. However, you should pay attention to some problems when using it in order to use it safely.

Container bag manufacturer

     First of all, do not stand under the tote bag during lifting work. Hooks should be hung in the center of the sling, do not slant, single sling or diagonal sling. During the operation, do not let the bag rub against other items, hook or collide.


Secondly, the sling cannot be pulled to the outside and in the opposite direction. When using a forklift for tons of bags, do not let the fork touch or tie the bag body to prevent the bag from being broken. When handling in the workshop, try to use the tray. The loading bag cannot be erected during loading and unloading and stacking.

Finally, the ton bag manufacturer reminds everyone not to drag the container bag on the ground or concrete. When storing outdoors, it should be placed on the shelf and covered with an opaque tarpaulin. After use, wrap it in paper or opaque shed cloth and have a ventilated place.


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