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Different ways to distinguish between ton bags, container bags and ordinary woven bags


Some people have said that the only use of the bag is to load things. Then the problem comes. How can you distinguish between various kinds of bags? Container bag manufacturer

From the material point of view, there are no difference between the ton bag, the container bag and the woven bag, but the names are different, and what is the difference between the ton bag, the container bag and the woven bag?

First of all, from the functional point of view, the container bag has the advantages of moisture, dust, radiation and safety, and the structural strength of the bag is large. The woven bag is made of ordinary polypropylene material, does not have the function of moisture and radiation, and is more fragile in function.



In terms of capacity, the capacity of the ton bag and the container bag is much larger. The capacity of the ton bag is generally more than 0.5 cubic meters, usually between 1 and 3 cubic meters, and the quantity of articles that can be accommodated is far. Far more than a woven bag.

In terms of appearance, the style of the ton bag and the container bag is more diverse, and it can satisfy the shape under different occasions, and has a square shape, a round shape, a round type, etc., and the ordinary woven bag is generally rectangular. The most important thing is the container bag. The bag of the ton bag can be hung directly using the crane.


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