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How to check the container bag (ton bag)


First, cut

1: The size of the cutting specification must be cut according to the size required by the production process sheet. The length tolerance is limited.


2: The cut section should not be skewed, and the allowable deviation is <1cm.

3: The number of each bundle must be accurate and the tolerance is <3‰.

4: The position of the line should be accurate according to the requirements of the process sheet.

5: The defective rate is not allowed to exceed 5‰.

6: The cut semi-finished product must be kept clean and not allowed to be dusty.


Second, sewing

1: Specifications: The allowable deviation is less than 1000mm ± 10mm, 1000mm or more ± 15mm.

2: Appearance: the sewing requirements are straight, no needles, broken needles, no floating lines, hanging needles, needles and needles

When the distance is not less than 30mm, the container bag is required to be straight and straight.

There is no shortage of obvious latitudes. The printed pattern is clear and the position is correct.

3: Lifting ring: The length of the lifting ring, the sling and the lifting ear should be equal according to the requirements, and the lap joint should be even and straight.

4: Stitch: Two or more stitches are required. It is strictly forbidden to press together and the distance between rows and rows is 2-4mm. The reinforced fabric attached to the sling and the bag body is inserted into the 10mm suture from the side, horizontally and vertically, and other parts are stitched in strict accordance with the process requirements. Needle code basic standard 10cm requires 9-12 needles (specifically according to the user's requirements for large and small stitches).

5: Hygiene: Wires, hair, dust, stains, oil spots, sundries, etc. are strictly prohibited inside and outside the bag.


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