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Attention should be paid to static electricity when using tons of bags in ore bags.


When re-using bags such as tons of bags and tons of bags, accidents that may arise may require more attention. Ore ton bag

     For example, the problem of static electricity in tons of bags, tons of bags manufacturers for the user detailed analysis as follows:

     It is easy to generate static sparks when it accumulates on the surface of the bag to form a high electrostatic potential.

     There are two aspects to the possible hazards:

First, the phenomenon of electric shock:

For example, during the handling of tons of bags, electrostatic high-potential discharges are generated, which gives the operator an uncomfortable feeling of electric shock, which occurs frequently when the warehouse carries tons of bags of goods.

During the handling and stacking process, due to the strong friction between the tons of bags or the goods in the tons of bags, static electricity discharge is generated, and even the operator is knocked down by electrostatic discharge.

Second, trigger a deflagration accident:

 For example, tons of bags are loaded with flammable substances, and the volatilized vapours reach a certain ratio with the air, or when the solid dust reaches a certain concentration (ie, the explosion limit), it will explode upon encountering a static spark.

 The ore ton bag is the first, and Dashiqiao Dingwang Packing Products Co., Ltd. is selected.


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