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Ordinary container bag


Ordinary container bags, also known as flexible container bags, tons of bags, space bags, etc., are a type of container unit, equipped with a crane or forklift, can achieve unitized transport of containers, it is suitable for shipping bulk Powdery material. Container bag is a kind of flexible transport packaging container, widely used in the transportation and packaging of powder, granules and blocky articles such as food, grain, medicine, chemical, mineral products, etc. In developed countries, the use of container bags is generally used for transportation. Warehousing packaging products. Ore ton bag


The container bag is made of polypropylene as the main raw material. After adding a small amount of stable seasoning, the film is melted and extruded through an extruder, cut into filaments, and then stretched to form high strength and low elongation by heat setting. The PP raw silk is then made into a base fabric of plastic woven fabric by textile and laminating, and is sewed with accessories such as slings to make a ton bag.

Flexible container bag, also known as ton bag or space bag, is a medium-sized bulk container. It can be transported in a unitized manner by crane or forklift. It is convenient for loading bulk bulk powder materials. It has large volume, light weight and convenient. Loading and unloading features are one of the common packaging materials.


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