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Future development of low carbon, environmentally friendly packaging materials


China is a big packaging country, but not a packaging power. China's packaging industry is facing excellent development opportunities. The rapid development of the consumer goods industry has brought about a rapid increase in the demand for paper packaging market. The output of paper products has grown rapidly. The proportion is the largest and the largest, but the rapid increase in quantity has also brought The series of questions. Container bag manufacturer

    The quality of paper packaging is mixed, and the environmental problems of plastics used in cartons and gift boxes are inevitable problems in development. The packaging industry should make a fuss about green environmental protection and achieve sustainable development of the packaging industry.

    Since April 2010, there have been 325 innovations in key packaging enterprises in Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, etc., which can create social benefits and save resources of 6.5 billion yuan. For example, Jiangsu Daya Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a leading product of 0.0045mm ultra-thin aluminum foil and sulfuric acid-lined paper, and its product sales coverage rate is 95%.

    With the concept of low-carbon environmental protection becoming the main theme of society, many areas are practicing low-carbon environmental protection, as well as in the field of packaging materials. There are many kinds of green packaging materials, which can be roughly divided into four types: reusable and recycled packaging materials, edible packaging materials, degradable materials and paper materials.

    Many environmentally polluting packaging materials are fading out of our lives, and green packaging materials have become the development trend and future of the packaging industry. There are many kinds of green packaging materials, which can be roughly divided into four types: reusable and recycled packaging materials, edible packaging materials, degradable materials and paper materials.


Reusable packaging materials mainly refer to glass bottles used to package beer, beverages, etc., which can be used repeatedly. Recycled packaging materials mainly refer to plastic packaging materials, which can be made into recycled packaging containers after being physically disposed of. After chemical treatment, it can be made into recycled packaging products. But the beauty of the two methods is that they only reduce the pollution of the environment, and in the final treatment, they also face the problem of polluting the environment.

    Edible packaging materials are packaging materials that can be eaten with food, such as ice cream, corn baking cups, and the like. According to reports, edible packaging film and cling film have been successfully developed and are entering the packaging market. It is believed that these two green packaging materials will have more space and development prospects.

    Degradable green packaging materials refer to degradable plastic packaging. After completing its mission, this plastic can be degraded and reduced in nature and has no pollution to the environment. Paper material refers to paper packaging materials. We know that the paper itself is made of natural plant fiber. The packaging material made of it naturally means a green packaging material, and its recycling value is very high. The technology is also very mature.

    The four pillars of modern packaging and printing - paper, plastic, metal, glass materials, the fastest growth of paper, the most expensive paper, cheap, raw materials source, and not as plastic is not easy to dissolve, not as fragile as glass, also Not as heavy as metal, easy to carry. In addition, paper products are prone to decay, which can recycle recycled paper or plant fertilizer, reduce air pollution and purify the environment. Here, paper packaging is considered one of the most promising green packaging printing materials compared with plastic, metal and glass.

    With the deepening of the green environmental protection concept, these four types of green packaging materials will be widely applied to the packaging machine field, becoming a new future for the packaging industry, and must play an indispensable role in the packaging field. The market prospect is very broad. . Green packaging is the rise and development of the global environmental protection and green revolution. The 21st century is a green century, and green packaging will surely achieve greater development and become a major trend in the development of the packaging world.


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