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Five major problems in loading products are worthy of attention


Five major issues deserve industry attention to ore ton bags

2014 must be a tough year, a year full of variables, and a year of great opportunities. It is expected that many paper packaging companies will go bankrupt from south to north and from east to west for various reasons, and a number of emerging enterprises will also emerge. The total number of enterprises will be reduced, the total amount will continue to grow, and the benefits of enterprises will be transformed. There are still several issues worthy of attention in the development of the industry.

Deepening reforms in the industry should strengthen the relevance, systemic, and feasibility studies of various reforms. In the past few years, enterprises have hoped that the government will intervene in the operational problems in the industrial chain, and hope that the government will set up industry entry barriers. Now it seems that these are incompatible with the deepening reform. The market plays a decisive role in resource allocation. Paper packaging enterprises rely on a single company to face the market is helpless. Only by integrating into the economic society and systematically determining the status of their own enterprises can they survive and develop.

We must unswervingly eliminate backward production capacity. The impact of backward production capacity on the efficiency of enterprises, the impact on the market, the impact on the environment, and the impact on employees are indisputable facts. In fact, the paper packaging industry has been deeply affected. From the start of the business, the company has invested heavily in a technical reform every 3 to 5 years, spending a lot of money, and the results are not satisfactory. Establishing a modern enterprise management system, enriching high efficiency, low consumption, environmental protection, and reducing the number of first-line employees' equipment, and further deepening integration is the top priority of the whole industry in 2014.

Formulate and improve the technical standards for all kinds of paper products. "There is no rule, no way." For a long time, the problems of missing, imperfect and unsystematic industry standards have been prominent. It is necessary to start from the logistics with a large commodity cost, so that all kinds of commodities can be standardized in size, physical performance requirements; from the combination of commodity packaging and transportation packaging, minimize logistics costs; clear the raw materials and manufacturing processes of packaging products are beneficial to the purification market. To reduce market competition and improve product quality. The formulation of high standards will help the survival and development of large-scale leading enterprises, and is the basis for realizing China becoming a paper packaging power.

Ore ton bag


Product innovation is the driving force for enterprise development. The innovative consciousness of packaging products in China is not strong and the products are monotonous. This is to learn European and American countries, and strengthen the packaging design of daily necessities, food, beverages, and supermarket sales that are closely related to people's lives. The application of paper-based wood packaging and honeycomb paperboard for mechanical and electrical products was an important topic in 2014.

Doing a good job in industry statistics is the key to the industry's goal setting and implementation planning. Without data, we can't see the whole picture, causing the guidance to go out of control and affect the healthy development of the industry and enterprises. Beginning in 2014, the industry association will unite all aspects to do this great event that is conducive to the development of the industry.

In the new year, there will be unprecedented challenges. It is only six years before China’s "completely building a well-off society". It is still about 34 years from the "building a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious socialist modern country". In accordance with the central top-level design timetable and road map, we will spare no effort to put a Paper packaging countries have become a world packaging power.


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