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Ordinary container bag safe handling guide


Ordinary container storage Empty containers and liners should be kept clean and stored in such a way as to avoid accidental damage, sun exposure and extreme weather conditions. Loading the container bag When filling the container bag, the bottom of the container bag should be placed on the floor or pallet, and the bag body is supported by the lifting device at the top. If the container bag has a discharge chute, it should be knotted or closed before filling. Stability of the filled container bag When the container bag is full, the height of the container bag should not exceed 2:1 in width/diameter. The stability of the bag can be increased by vibration during filling or after filling. Lifting the container bag When lifting the container bag with the forklift, make sure that the spacing between the forklift forks is set correctly. All hoist rings, sleeves or other lifting devices should be vertical so that no lateral forces are created inside the container. Make sure that the hoist ring is not twisted. Forklift forks shall have rounded edges and/or protective jackets. The container bag should be lifted or lowered smoothly.



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